Solar Sailing Light

Unique Structure Design

Integrate the solar panel, led body, battery and controller into whole system.
Easy to transport, install and maintain.

Solar panel looks like an umbrella to protect battery from high temperature and extend the lifetime. Perfectly solve heat dissipation.

Solar panel can be adjustable manually in vertical and horizontal direction, ensure the maximum efficiency of solar energy.

Core Technologies

Unique Integration Design Easy to transport, install and maintain

Rotating Solar Panel Solar Panel can be adjusted in vertical and horizontal direction

Microwave Motion Sensor Radar controlled, called Doppler effect. More intelligent, energy-saving

Control Mode Management 6 work modes for choice

Battery program Updated Embedded single string control technology. More stable and longer lifespan.

Charge and Discharge Management Protect battery by software and hardware, supporting battery charge at 0v

Precise Installation Embed compass in the light body

Remote Control

Indicator light status instructions

6 working modes

Light Distribution

Luminous intensity distribution curves

Bat wing lens with polarized light



Technical parameter

MaterialPoly crystalline siliconPoly crystalline siliconMono crystalline silicon
Solar cell efficiency17-18%17-18%19-20%
Lithium batteryCapacity138WH/3.7V166WH/3.7V275WH/11.1V
Charge cycle times1200 times1200 times1200 times
Lamp headLuminous flux1700-1800lm2500-2700lm3300-3600lm
Light output10W15W20W
LED qty36pcs
LED chipBridgelux    160lm/w
Color temperature3000-6500K
Material of lamp headAluminum alloy
Elevation angle12° (attention to Dialux use)
SystemLight control voltage1V
Light distributionBatwing lens with polarized light
Beam angleX-axis: 158°   Y-axis: 62°
Lighting time(full charged)2-3 rainy days
Operation temperature-20℃~60℃
InstallationTop diameter of pole60mm
Mounting height4-6m
Installation spacing10-20m


Color box packaged, anti-shock packaging material, with bubble bags and foam, ensure transport safety.

TypePartsBox size(L*W*H)Net WeightGross WeightVolume Weight20GP40GP
RS-SL50-CLamp body640*280*290mm10kg11kg17kg350sets670sets
RS-SL65-CLamp body640*280*290mm10.5kg11.5kg19kg320sets580sets
RS-SL80-CLamp body640*280*290mm11kg12kg26kg290sets560sets


Sailing Light User Manual